Samsara xxxx
Samsara xxxx


Sammie,further to my previous email I just wanted to reiterate the overall Effects! Not just the sexual, but the feeling of so much more energy in the morning. I will defo be back and see what suggestions you have in store for me  now you know I won't! Lol

I hope you are well?

Take good care
Kindest regards

<< New text box >>Sammie,
Just a quick note to say I will definitely be booking again in the near future. (if you'll have me?) It was wonderful and I can't wait for further experience.
Hope you are keeping well and take good care.
Kindest Regards


I just wanted to say a HUGE thankyou for today. What an experience and I will definitely be experiencing it again in the future.
You are a very talented and extremely beautiful woman.
Be safe and I hope everything stays good for you.
Kindest regards

I'm struggling to findthe right words to describe my experience with Sammy recently ; my mind blowing , ecstatic , total surrender , sexual high - these are just a few that come to mind !


Girls , if you're looking for that special something , a awell deserved treat , a time where you can just  " be " and experience several of the strongest , most amazing , recurring , orgasms you've ever imagined possible , contact Sammie !


I've longed for a professional but sexy massage and never been quite sure how to describe or find what i wanted . My session with Sammie was perfect - all of the above and more . Sammie is so friendly and put me at ease immediately . Within minutes my body was awash with feelings of sexy . erotic , warm , intense , waves which just seemed to continually increase . The sexual pleasure i felt was like no other . The time with Sammie needs to be on your bucket list , ladies , seriously !


Sammie , you are fab , Thankyou so much i'm definately coming back for more !


P.s  you have the softest , silkiest hands ever .


Karen xxx

"Hi Sammi , What can I say about the tantric massage you gave me this lunch time. I have never experienced anything like it before. Your warm hands easing away the built up tensions. You brought me to the edge a number of times and brought me back down again, wow. When I did reach orgasm my whole body shuddered it was an unbelievable experience. For a brief time I was in heaven never felt anything like it. It felt like my penis exploded. Did I actually cum I was in so much ecstasy was not sure if I did. Will be sure to visit you again. Thanks once again" Roy,


"I visited you last april and had the best massage i have ever experienced. Unfortunately i lost the details of your email address or contact number . I am so glad that i have managed to track you down. i have had a few massages in my time , some good , some mediocre but none as good as yours . I am not in Yorkshire very often but rest assured that each time i visit i will come and see you . I am confident that the massage will be as good as before (it couldnt possibly be better). See you soon John " John,


Hi Sammi, After my first tantric massage I had to come back and try your "The awakening of the senses" and my senses went into over drive, fantastic. Please tell me that there is another stage in this fantastic journey of the senses. As the man said "Ill be back" Roy " Roy,


"Hooray I was in the Wakefield area again and visited for the second time. Sammi is the best masseuse I have been lucky enough to visit. The first time was excellent and this time was just as good. I cant say it was better because you cant get better than perfect. Thank you Tracie, you can bet I will be in touch the next time Im in the area. I realize you are moving soon but please keep in touch so I can contact you at your new address. Thanks once again for a PERFECT massage. John X "


"Hooray I was in the Wakefield area again and visited for the second time. Sammie is the best masseuse I have been lucky enough to visit. The first time was excellent and this time was just as good. I cant say it was better because you cant get better than perfect. Thank you Sammi, you can bet I will be in touch the next time Im in the area. I realize you are moving soon but please keep in touch so I can contact you at your new address. Thanks once again for a PERFECT massage. John X " John,


" I have just had my first tantric massage & it is something that will live with me for ever.Sammi is such a warm & gentle hostess & her "tendertouch" some thing quite unique .The pleasure & sensations she managed to generate were unbelievable .It was so good words cannot describe the whole thing especially the magical ending .jim " ,


"Disabled Client Testimonial : What can I say! I was very nervous but was helped to get undressed and put at ease instantly. Any help I needed wasnt a problem. This is a truely lovely lady and very good at delivering what it says on the tin... Helped to dress and even walked me safely back to my car. I will definitely be back. a.s.a.p." ,


"Name : C::went for the first time yesterday.Sammi made me feel very comfortable straight away. Never having had one before i did not know what to expect. i felt very at home and becoming aroused i did not feel embarrassed at all because of her calming nature. The time flew by and i ended up having the most enjoyable climax ive had. cant wait to come back " ,


"Hi ,Sammi Good to see you again the other day - you were looking great. Heres a few lines for your Sensulaitytantra website, as promised. Take care Steve x If the world gets you down; too much sleaze and frustration If the world seems too grey; and you need new recreation Thereâs a place you can go, thereâs someone you can see Youll be greeted with love, youâl be treated royally Sheâs got wonderful touch; hands of silk, hands of light She will help you escape - from the fears of the night Youâll feel like your climbing up mountains Youâll feel like your swimming through seas Youâll be walking through forests Youâll be flying with bees So bid farewell to your woes, leave your troubles behind Let your body relax, let your body unwind " STEVE,


"Hi Miss S , what a fantastic appointment . Probably one of the best experiences of my life . And so sensual and de stressing , and what a sincere and wonderful lady Miss S is . You made me feel totally at ease from entering your flat up to the time of leaving . Laid on her couch , i was taken to ulitmate states of relaxation and made to feel like the most important man in the world . With an hour of ultimate pampering and soft sensual caressing strokes you made me feel brand new . Beautiful experience that i plan on re living once a week , thank you for a lovely hour ." Adrian,


"Testimonial : Today I had my first tantric massage, I always thought it would be good but nothing prepared me for what I was about to experience. It was quite frankly mind blowing, I had to literally stop tracey from continuing as it just got too intense. Sammi is fantastic, she makes you feel at home straight away, your relaxed and just so comfortable, any worries or nerves you had previously just disappear. All I can say is its great and I cant wait for my next one." Chris,


"Testimonial : I had a new experience today, a "chocolate massage"!! just like the tantric massage it was wonderful, just as relaxing, sensual,but with a new sensation and a new aroma as you melt away whilst your scenses are heightened even more. A more luxurious feeling of warm chocolate and sensual oils ending with that special erotic climax, from a wonderful lady." Anonymous,


"Hi Sammi , this was my first ever tantric massage and although it was nearly 3hrs ago , I am still feeling relaxed and de stressed that i have been in months . Thanks for one of the best experiences in my life . As i said this was my first time , but certainly wont be my last ." David,


"Hi , had an amazing time and cant wait to come back . I am now very horny !! of course i will ..... Thankyou so much for making me feel relaxed and at ease x Dave x" Dave ,


"I just wanted to say thankyou for my massage , i am still floaty and smiley :)" Lee,


"I just wanted to say what an amazing afternoon i have just had . I now know the meaning of the phrase " building to a climax" . I hope to vist again very soon ," Chris,


"Thank you for the most amazing experience this morning . I will definately be back hopefully before Christmas for my next massage . Your hands were amazing , just a lovely experience for the first time ." Briane,


"Hi Sammi , Thanks for one totally amazing first time tantric experience . You put me at ease instantly and have a fabulous way of making a guy feel very special . Thanks again Anonymous . " Anonymous,


"Today i tried the chocolate massage for the first time and what a treat it was - a mind blowing experience with very sensual strokes throughout and quite an amazing body to body experience to finish. I was a little nervous to begin with but this soon disappeared as Sammie tuned into my body with her wonderful touch. I have tried both the tantric and the chocolate massage and both are simply amazing. What a memorable experience Sammie - thank you , see you soon ." Richard,


"Having had the ultimate pleasure of The Awakening of the Senses Massage by gorgeous Sammi  where all my sensual senses were exposed to the max by the playful roles of erotic fun using sight , taste , smell , touch & feel using Tracies selected combinations of food to sensually awaken body & mind , then to be followed by the most ultimate warm oil tender touch massage a man could only ever dream of culminating I the discovery of what I had misconceived as the " SIXTH SENSE" . Thank you so much for being the most gorgeous tantralising lady a man could only dream of xx." Graham,


"Hi Sammi , What can I say about the fantastic massage I had today ! I have had massages from Sammi before , but this one was devine . There was a different feeling to my skin it looked and felt very clean. Then when you turn over and Tracey starts the massage again leading up to a fantastic finish , my whole body shuddered and then I felt total relaxation. Ahhhh wonderful , will be back soon Roy x ." Roy,


"Sammi , a big thank you for a wonderful "senses" massage today . I feel completely relaxed , liberated and energised . Im still floating on a cloud and smiling aimlessly many hours later . Your wonderful touch was smooth as silk , riding the wave was the most powerful memory possible ." Kevin,


"Hi S , I felt i must let you know how much i enjoyed my massage today . I was apprehensive having never had this type of massage before . On arrival you put me at ease with your friendly relaxed manner , the massage was excellent and the climax sublime due to your warm and giving nature . My only regret is that , i had not met with you sooner . I am keen to see you again and will be contacting you in the New Year if that is ok . Well i waited and it was worth it , ohhh ! Wow was it worth it ! Have a Marvelous Christmas and a Wonderful New Year ! Thankyou , Thankyou , Thankyou Martin xxx" Martin,


"Sammi is a diamond . The service she provides is extremely professional , warming , incredibly relaxing and i am sure very good for the mind and body . i cannot describe the feelings that she created but the whole thing is just fantastic -right from the moment you walk in the door , the welcome , and the friendliness, the skill of her service . She is quite simply the best < I am a hooked regular now . Thank you Tracie for been just fantastic . Paul x" Paul,


"Fantastic massage , was very relaxing . Made to feel welcome and was also friendly for a chat afterwards . Would definately recommend & will be back in the non too distant future." Simon,


"Testimonial :  Today I was fortunate to experience "The awakening of the senses", above link says it all, I was singing along all the way home !! Im sure I could think of something deeper and more meaningful to say in time, Im feeling too euphoric to think clearly right now. Thankyou "S" YouTube - Videos from this email : Bruno Mars / Locked out of heaven " Graham,


"Wow ! Never done anything like this before and i opted for The Tie and Tease and i must say was blown away , the most sexual none experience i have ever had .... If that makes sense .It was so sensual and arousing not to mention relaxing and Tracie was perfect . I would strongly recommend this to anyone ...." John,


" Wonderful massage yesterday from Sammi  very friendly relaxed and sensual I recommend this completely and will return very soon Thanks again Ray" Ray,


"I have been known to have many woman in my life sexually . However i have never met anyone like Lady Scarlette . I originally went and had Tantra. this was actually mind blowing for me as the experience left me feeling stoned . I needed a cup of tea and a sit down . The feelings were amazing , totally !!! On my second visit Lady Scarlette did The Tie and Tease and again this was out of this world . It almost feels like she has magical powers . She is a total professional and looks wonderful . Whether you are male or female she is a real find . If you are lucky enough to spend time with her you will come out with the biggest smile on your face i promise ." Robbie,


"Sammie , fantastic woman . Really knows how to de stress a man . Very professional and put me at ease as it was my first Tantric massage . Very intense but relaxing . This woman has magic hands , please try her she is on fire . Thank you Sammie , see you next time :)" Michael, sensualitytantra


"Thank you for the appointment the other day , i went back to work feeling totally relaxed and had a good shift at work lolll . Nothing stressed me out handled it all calm will defo make an appointment next month and will totally recommend you . Thanks once again ." Happy,


"Thank you for a wonderful experience last time your sexy sensual side was absolutely amazing , your dominant side with your use of toys and spanking me again was fantastic . What can i say about your massage with those magical hands (and feet) out of this world. Needless to say this naughty boy would like to visit you again ." Sub,

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