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Tantric Massage

" Tantra "   - is a Scanskrit word that means " woven together " . Hindu and Buddhist meditation practitioners use sexual Union as a metaphor for weaving together the physical and the spiritual weaving man to woman , and humanity to the devine .

Tantric massage works with mind body and soul , the body is treated as a whole working on all levels .

Breakdown of a session :

I will work through all parts of your body and from time to time go into more intimate regions .
The first half of the massage works mainly on the shoulders and back allowing your stresses to drift and steadily take you to a nice and safe place . A lot of work is focused around the chakras located in the back , teasing the all important Kundalini . Warming and caressing , stirring the sensual energy .
The bum and legs are massaged , stimulating a warm sense of arousal . This beautiful vibe increases the blood flow to the lingham/ yoni ,  feelings of blissful pleasure experienced .

Time to cool down and rejuvenate , head and neck massage releasing further unwanted tensions .....
Time to turn around , your body is feeling quite limp and at ease with the universal energy .
Upper body and chest are stroked promoting a healthy feeling of warmth increased confidence and self worth .
Further Lingham/Yoni massage is incorporated triggering the effortless flow of energy assisting any unblocked Chakras .
Legs are massaged , followed through with me introducing my healing hands to the opposite side of your body . Chakras are worked creating an over all sense of balance and natural healing .
Eventually everything as to come to an end , surrendering mind body and soul .....
Spiritual enlightenment as the sexual energy dissipates through ejaculation . Sheer bliss is experienced as the Chakras unite with divine concluding with a mind blowing orgasm ....

Please note : my energy is purely used as a channel , this is not a sexual service . It is known as a complimentary therapy ....


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