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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Witchy Woman - Eagles

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Tuesday, 1 July 2014



Bored Cum Slut Wants To Play  !!!




I received an enquiry re: Bondassage, I resourcefully gathered background information.

The reasons why she felt suppressed and bored and what did she feel she would want to gain from a session.

Rules and boundaries of serving a Mistress ….

It takes a while to train a sub, motivate, and build confidence and self-esteem, trust.

She had a lovely name but was referred to as “Cum Slut”.

Lots of communication, emails and texts.

Task 1: Purchase a multi functional vibrator, crotch less panties. Butt plug and lube, Ben WA Balls

Task 2: In her lunch hour, call into the ladies toilets for self-love with vibrator

Task 3: Shave her pussy on a daily basis; encrypt the date upon pussy with red lipstick. Photograph it and text me her fabulous workmanship ….

Task 4: She would collect a tiny used thong I had previously worn and wear it around the house.


Weeks moved forwards ……..    I instructed my “Cum Slut” to visit the ladies. Lavishly cover her Ben Wa Balls and slowly slip into her moist pussy. Return to her desk and place her mobile on record so as I can visualise her rocking too n fro. This would initiate a very stimulating sensation. A fresh glow enveloped her smiling face as she looked around her working environment. As her mistress this rather got me excited, knowing that this was our special arrangement and at a distance feeling the vibes of pleasure from her warm wet pussy. “Hmmm, simmer down girl “says a subconscious thought!



My bored “Cum Slut” relished the excitement and savoured the lustful awakening she was living.

Her new found confidence and desire soared with a hungry willingness to please her Mistress.

I was aware her relationship with her man was a little stale. Most men have simple natures, feed them, fuck them and let them rest and yeah they are quite happy. However, they also get off on the grass is greener philosophy.

“Cum Slut”, was asked to digest some sinful erotica for a few days. Updated texts and emails on how she was feeling ……..

Sexy Friday, I emailed her and told her to go and buy a red Basque, crotch less panties, stockings and suspenders. Change into them before she left work and meet her partner from where he worked. Take him into the ladies toilets, step onto the toilet and allow him to softly kiss her feet working up towards the top of her inner thigh. Abruptly stall him so as he can smell the sweet perfume from her pussy .The crotch less panties was an easy manoeuvre as he slipped his hot throbbing cock inside her ……….

Update from “Cum Slut” on her development, Mistress feels her “Cum Slut” is feeling a little more empowered and shares a passion for her new toys

Time to try the butt plug, will she, does she want Mistress to fuck her with her vibrating strap on?

The blessed Butt plug is endurance to begin with; anal play is within a league of its own and needs to be done in a safe manner to enjoy the fun.


Weeks and weeks have gone by and the final email has gone with instructions to meet me.

My instruction was for her to book a hotel , dress code essential , thirty minutes following her arrival to text me the room no:

I walked across reception towards the lift, polite chat with other guests. Little did they know beneath my mac I was wearing a shiny tight dress with press-studs, seamed black opaque stockings? My overnight bag draped around my wrist packed with my favourite toys …

The lift door opened, opposite me is her room. I walk into the room and my “Cum Slut” is stood facing the wall. Wearing a short check skirt, white socks and heels, white blouse with breasts brushing against the cotton. Her blonde hair was tied up in pigtails; I could not see her face. A silence flooded the room as I closed the door tight.

I took off my mac and walked towards her, pushing my body into her she exhaled a huge mouthful of air. I scooped her school skirt up and ran my hand up her legs, her white panties wet with anticipation. Taking my blindfold from my bag, I secured it over her eyes, slipped off her blouse, secured her hands with brown sticky tape, and placed them above her head. Her body was trembling and ohhh , so hot as I removed her white panties. Turning her forwards to face me I scrunched the panties up and stuffed them in her dry  mouth, wrapping the brown tape around only to allow enough air to breath.

Picking up the keys I walk out of the room and have a coffee in the lounge as I sit with a smug smile on my face people watching……..





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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Lady Scarlette and BDSM ......

Hmmm , its been a long time ....

My adventures take me a little further .....

Lady Scarlette and her personal submissive slaves .............

Diaries too be continued  , full sensual erotica but very real   ............

Having researched BDSM  curiosity got the better of me . My initial invitation was through a close friend , when in a previous past life he had personally trained female subs . 
Open discussions captured my sensual attention and thought process . Many months and weeks have passed and yes i have been training my very willing and obedient sub . 
As agreed he gave consent for me to exercise and control his mind , body and soul . 

Constant communication via emails , prompting my sub . The denial of sensual touch for a week , overcoming such desire to masturbate but obediently refrained . Personal hygiene was a necessity for his Mistress , to be clean and shaven ...
A diary of personal erotic thoughts and fantasies , a detailed essay of what he had learnt about Lady Scarlette .

Mistress accepted her sub would be loyal and serve her well . On arrival he presented her with beautiful flowers and a size 5 pair of high heeled shoes for her to tease him with . 
He was asked to slowly undress as his Mistress watched with excitement . As he removed his underwear , visually his penis appeared to look very hard and swollen . Testicles bulged with a full load bursting to submit and have the right to release . 

My sub was blindfolded , mouth gag placed in position and restrained with shackles . My play room is a vibrant grape colour with mirrors surrounding the walls to capture every image of pleasure , tease and torment ....
Stockings , shoes and the toxic smell of his Mistress is his weakness .
Warming him up , riding crop in my tiny firm hand i flick his pert nipples . Trying desperately to moan but can't because of the mouth gag in place , his sounds are muffled . 
Scarlette has a naughty streak in her , eyes sparkling and her hands itching . Moving the riding crop lower , gliding between his inner thighs . One , two , three and four flicks to the shaft of his penis . It twitches , looks very red . Mistress enjoys pushing her sub and feels ready to move things forward .
She releases his restraints from his wrists . Slowly he assists his Scarlette to climb on a chair , his eyes fixated on her silky stockings and high heels . Smiling down at him , she wraps her leg around his shoulder and instructs him to kiss her feet and work his way up to the top of her sweet inner thigh .

Too be continued .....

Lady Scarlette has availability for 2 more subs male or female , applicants to apply through 
Personal details regarding oneself , desires , fantasies ,dislikes 
Health condition 
What you can personally offer her  ??? 

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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Sensuality tantra loves to play with messy food .....

Introduction to a steamy , messy food play Tantric session .

Sexy foods are evocative and stimulate more than just the libido , they involve sight , smell , touch , taste and sensuality .

These sensations are the same ones used during sex . And if you feed your lover , sensually , these sensations can be taken to a greater level . 

Chocolate has long been thought to be an aphrodisiac "The food of love" , containing PEA , which creates a rush or feeling of euphoria .
Some other foods might be considered sexy because they stimulate erotic thoughts , asparagus and cucumbers resemble certain male attributes .
  Hint , hint , visualisation and the brain engages with erotic naughty thoughts .

Moving on , soft sweet fruits to squeeze and suck are an interesting choice .
 Sauces , desserts , drinks  can be slippery , messy fun   ......  

My chocolate therapy session has served it's purpose , it was initiated for Valentines Day some many years ago . It still remains as popular but having ingested a recent conversation from somebody at channel  4 , i processed the information and curiosity got the better of me .

The discussion was related to the link between food and sensuality , he was experiencing a lack of feed back from females . We talked for a while but the seed was then sown , leaving me to do my own trial . 

My lady client is a bubbly person , we get on quite well .
 She was eager to assist with the "messy play  food session ".

The first half of the Tantric massage was relaxed , our energies strong and connected in a harmonious female zone .

Second half ;  The focus of Tantra is to expand ones mind and to liberate .

A feast of chocolate and creamy desserts cover my naked body , my client drizzles warm caramel over 
my supple breasts .Teasing my nipples as she warms the sticky caramel around them i feel my first wave of arousal . My body shudders as she delicately rubs a cold strawberry around my lips  , the sweetness cannot be denied as i flick my tongue around the soft juicy fruit . Taking the strawberry in my mouth i savour this , surrendering into , sucking every bit of its sweetness .

. Her eyes are locked into mine and she extended her arms and started to massage and play with the desserts . I'm not sure why but we both started to giggle , the sense of euphoria and liberation was over whelming . 
It was time to manage the Tantra session , i directed her to lay on the couch .

Breathing in the sweetness was pure erotica . Seducing her with sweet delights as she softly accepted the chocolate from my lips . Indulging in such a passionate tender way , i softly glided my body over hers . My nipples , erect as i rubbed the caramel and cream over her body . 
Both our bodies entwined with what can only be called as pure indulgence   ....

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Personal diary giving a Yoni massage ....


Having experienced a confused and troubled past do i practise what i preach  ???

For me , the answer is a positive yes  :) ....

Benefits of a Yoni Massage : 

Personal empowerment and growth , spiritual enlightenment , opening energy channels , re-balancing the Chakras .
Higher states of consciousness.
Healing and releasing past pain and trauma .
Improving or overcoming conditions , building confidence and self-esteem , empowerment .
Liberating you as a worthy human being .
Embracing positive thoughts and emotions .....

Yoni = is the Sanskrit word for "Vagina" (sacred space).

The holistic approach is that Yoni massage is a spiritual practise that allows a woman to connect to her Goddess essence , her Shakti , in it's many expressions .
The Yoni massage is a whole body experience that includes touching , arousing and massaging the whole body ....

This is my clients first experience with Tantra , today is the day i make that difference .
Draped with a warm soft comforting towel she looks relaxed . Opening up the massage i use warm sweet almond oil with with a few drops of Geranium to balance the hormones .
My hands glide up her spine , softly and seductively i distribute the oil and work around the shoulders .
Caressing her neck the body weakens and the verbal sweet sighs become more prominent as she eases into a relaxed state ....
I tenderly work on her back , teasing the tension and stress away . 

The connection is magnetic , thoughts rushing around my head ......

I place myself in the same scenario , because of my past i would personally choose to visit  a female therapist . 

What expectations would i have ?

Yes , i would like to feel safe and secure . I would like to experience embrace the whole experience   
with an open mind !

Holding onto these thoughts i trickle the warm scented oil over the buttock area and softly massage a very soft peachy area .
I slide my hands up and down making my first connection with the rosebud , a very sensual and erogenous zone .  She sighs heavily and her breathing a little more upbeat .
 This is a new feeling to my client , her body language is screaming out to increase the pleasure ....

Always massaging the whole body i conclude the first half of the session with me knelt between the clients legs . 
Further work is focused slowly awakening the Kundalini energy and positive massage on the all important Chakra areas . 
Not letting an opportunity pass i sweep the buttocks , using lashings of warm oil , i circle my fingers around the rosebud to heighten her sensual awareness .

As she turns over i notice a beautiful flush of colour around her face and chest . I encourage her to slowly inhale her breath and then release .
Our energies connected shared with the same breathing space ...
I massage her breasts , cupping them with soft tender movements . Her body moving around with the rhythm and flow of energy .

The contentment and desire had spread through out her body , leaving me to explore and serve her  ,
with an unforgettable Tantric journey .

I approached the "Sacred Space" with a deepened sensitivity and gently massaged the mound and labia . Her legs effortlessly  moved apart making way for more pleasure , trickling the warm oil i circled her clitoris .
I could feel the intensity pulsating through her body as she screamed out , sliding up and down the entire length of her labia and i softly grasped the clitoral hood and massaged until it throbbed .

Her body making involuntary quivers as she moaned with desire , riding her first Tantric Wave ...

20% of women never experience "The Big O" !!!

Liberate yourself  and release negative emotions , feel the EUPHORIC energy , restoring the feeling of fulfilment of peace and serenity .....

The Yoni   xxx 

When i realised 
How different they could be 
I took the hand mirror 
Laid back on my bed 

Curiosity got the better of me 
So i explored with eyes and fingers . My intimate circles , holes and arches ....

They say inner Goddess 
Is in every woman .
Today i saw her full glory of life giving beauty ,
With my own eyes , here between my thighs  xxxx

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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Seduce your lover with the art of Tantra ....



Okay you people, maybe I am wrong or have just been unfortunate.


There comes a time in life and you lose your way a little, other outside pressure’s , condition us as people.



Suddenly it is expected that we move into the domestic goddess phase, work long hours and keep house and garden …


 We develop a second pair of eyes and ears for something we might just miss.

Ohhh, not to mention when all duties are fulfilled, the other half is waiting patiently for the frazzled out look to be transformed.

Yes!   The desirable look he wants is sexy and sassy …


Time to take control but for you and for the benefit of going that extra mile with any relationship .


A good relationship is healthy and positive , couples who play together , stay together ....


Send your partner a personal invitation, prepare for this:

Quiet time, soft music and scented candles.

Ask your partner to take an assisted bath/shower. Utilise a warm soft flannel and gently stroke the body, building up a soft fluffy lather.

Work your way to the room you have prepared for him /her.

Ask him/her to lay face down on the couch/bed.

Taking some warm oil, rub together with both hands and gently distribute over the back area. Don’t worry about technical moves; this is your personal experience.

Slowly glide your hands down the lower part of the back area, caress the buttock area, and be liberal with the oil.

The better the slip will help promote a better glide. Sweep inwards towards the inner thigh, tease, and stimulate the erogenous areas.

Be naughty and give the sacred area lots of attention, caressing and stroking, backwards and forwards.

Cup the all-important parts , tenderly manipulate and softly pull . Not forgetting the perineum , stroke and tickle is the answer .

 Clench your hand into a ball and roll around the perineum area , This will really raise the temperature ....


Ladies, please remember. Surrender is not an option!


At this point, your partner’s body will be responsive. Legs will appear to be more spread apart to allow further pleasuring, the rocking motion and a slight uplift of the body supporting themselves on the elbows. This is normally accompanied with heavy breathing, moans and delayed pleasurable groans.


You my Goddess are now in control, engaging his/hers mind, body and soul ….


Work your way around the body using the same technique.

Use your femininity to heighten the sensual energy. As you give a neck and shoulder massage gaze into his/hers eyes. Softly whisper sensual things in their ears, kissing the lopes will heighten the sensual energy.

At this point you may experience (touchy feely syndrome), gently place touchy feely hands back in position.

You are the most desirable person on this planet and he/she is aching to recipicate.

The key: is to maintain this connection but remain in control.

Remain at the head area and use your body, allow your soft   breasts to  brush down onto his/hers face as you massage.

 Pay attention to the nipple area, tease and rub them as you lovingly massage .


Insania comes to mind, increased panting, sighs, and a lot of writhing around.


Soooo, let’s turn things up shall we?

Straddle yourself over your partner, eyes locked.

 Allow the warm oil to trickle through your hands and take a few long deep breaths.

Give your partner that twinkled eyed look and take in the ambiance, his/her body will be glistening in the glow of the candles.

The sensual energy in the room will be euphoric, slowly glide your body across there’s. Tease your breasts and softly kiss them working your way down.

Time to conclude or draw your own conclusion   …


Love, live, laugh xxx

Happy St Patricks Day  


Irish Blessing


May you always walk in sunshine

May you never want for more

May Irish angels rest their wings right beside your door xxx

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Is there a me out there ?


Self discovery , amazing !

Having spent years with suppressed emotions and thoughts throughout life i feel positive changes flowing freely . 

My heart is sending hugs and baskets of flowers to you all . 
No names ever mentioned , but you know who you are . Thank you for the encouragement and support.

Is there anybody out there who would like to contact me ?

Possibly we could share thoughts , brain storm ideas and make a positive connection ?

We are all human , 

We feel , we love , and also worry about things .....

Standing together does make a difference . 
Maybe it's got you thinking about things ?

Its a crazy world we live in , but it's OUR WORLD . So lets share it .....

                                                       Imagine there's no heaven 
                                                              It's easy if you try 
                                                               No hell below us 
                                                                 Above us only sky 
                                                        Imagine all the people living for today 

                                                     Imagine there's no countries 
                                                            It isn't hard to do 
                                                        Nothing to kill or die for 
                                                              And no religion too 
                                                        Imagine all the people living life in peace 

                                                                  You , you may say 
                                                         I'm a dreamer , but i'm not the only one 
                                                             I hope some day you'll join us 
                                                         And the world will be as one   ........

                                                                          John Lennon .   



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