Samsara xxxx
Samsara xxxx


BDSM -  bondage and discipline , dominance and submission, sadism , masochism

BDSM - bodily experiences that are intense and sensual and cause a lot of very strong feelings in people who practise them .

Communication -  A lot of people starting out think it's all or nothing , you might think that because you enjoyed being submissive under certain circumstances , that means you must agree to a whole host of submissive or masochistic behaviours that your're not necessarily into.

But that's absolutely wrong ....
You can and should pick and choose which BDSM activities you are and are not interested in .
CONSENT is a big requirement ....
SAFETY PASSWORD - essential ....

Sensual dominance - toys or play but no pain

BDSM doesn't have to follow any pattern , and there is no one model for what a BDSM relationship can be ...

Simple terms / The dominant enjoys being in charge , while the submissive enjoys receiving orders

Welcome to Samsara's Sensual Paradise ....

I love to play !!!
I am a sexy sensual Mistress , hold a mischievous nature alongside an exciting over imaginative mind .
My personal pleasure is to be served , I thrive on the loss of relinquished control ...
As I explore your body and tease your slutty mind I will ignite a hungry desire .
That desire will be fed on a reward basis , free your mind enhancing personal growth and development .


On discussion we will establish the areas of interest you would like to explore , tailor made to suit .....

Total Discretion is Guaranteed .

Electro play
Role play
Wax and candle play
Pin wheel
Anal play
Kidnapping scenarios
Urethral Sounding

My sub slut will relinquish control as I restrain your body and blow your mind !!!!

Please note : I Will Not Entertain Sex / or anything Illegal......

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